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Bilqees Mukhtar is an experienced and capable politician. She fights for women and minority rights very proficiently and ably. She is aligned with the Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) under the leadership of the iconic Altaf Hussain. She is an ardent supporter of her leader as well. Ms. Bilqees Mukhtar forms a very prominent voice in the daily proceedings of the Sindh Parliamentary Assembly.

Political Career of Bilqees Mukhtar

Ms. Mukhtar is solely a politician on the basis of her professional capacities. She has been a consistent fixture on the roster of the Sindh   Provincial Assembly. She has always won her seat on the 29 seats reserved for women in the parliament. She successfully won a seat in both: the 2002 elections which gave her a seat in parliament till 2007 and again in 2008 till 2013. During her current term, she is a member on the following very pertinent and pervasive committees with considerable influence and power: Standing Committee on Minorities Affairs, Standing Committee on Women Development, Standing Committee on Social Welfare.

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Age of Bilqees Mukhtar

Ms. Bilqees Mukhtar was born the 23rd of March in 1965. She is currently 47 years old. Her place of birth is Azizabad, in Karachi.

Family of Bilqees Mukhtar

Ms. Bilqees Mukhtar is currently not married although she has been married in the past only to end the arrangement due mutual falling out. She does not have any kids. Ms. Mukhtar is the daughter of a very famous doctor in Karachi, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed.

Contacting  Bilqees Mukhtar

Ms. Bilqees Mukhtar maintains her current residence on her listed permanent address in her constituency. Her address is R-298/8, Azizabad, Karachi. She can be contacted on the following phone numbers: 021-36329900 0301-2179001.


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