Bilawal Against The Privatization Of PIA & PSM

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was addressing a meeting of party officials where he showed his concern over the statement given by the Minister of State for Financial Affairs Muftah Ismail who said that any investor who wants to invest in Loss-making Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will also get Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM).

In a statement, he made in front of the media that all these state-controlled industries like PIA and PSM are sheer public assets owned by the people of Pakistan and government can’t put these assets under the hammer in a dubious manner. According to Muftah Ismail PIA incurs the annual loss of Rs 40 billion and PSM Rs 400 million per month to their workers.

Bilawal Against The Privatization Of PIA & PSM Bilawal further said that it is a complete height of dishonesty that a Prime Minister is running his private Airline with sheers profits and capturing the market from PIA in the name of cost-cutting measures and even put National airline carrier on sale for privatization. And similarly, Sharif family were running own steel mill with huge profits at home as well as in the international market and were deliberately dragging PSM to its verge collapse. There is no check and balance on these two state-owned assets.



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