Bilal Abbas Responded to His Haters in the Most Iconic Way

Bilal Abbas Khan is not one bumper prize, nor is he someone who got eminence all night. He worked hard for four years to get where he is today. There was a time when he used to post his dubsmash videos simply to get noticed, and now everyone knows his name!

Still after accomplishing so much, like all other actors, he as well has to face harsh criticism and there are loads of people who believe passing mean comments about him is their right. Momin Ali Munshi read some of these comments and Bilal Abbas replied to them.

The first such comment was,

“Bilal cannot act!”

Bilal said in a very peaceful manner that this was completely wrong as the only reason he was here today was only because of his acting and nothing else.

The second comment was,

“He got popularity only because of Sajal.”

Bilal in fact agreed to this and said that this could be quite accurate because Sajal was the main character in drama serial O Rungreza.

The third comment was,

“He does not pass as a hero from any angle.”

To this he replied that he did not consider himself a hero. He said that he feels that he does not fulfill the description of a proper commercial hero.

The last such comment was,

“We will see where he will be in the next two years.”

Bilal replied to this very assertively and said that yes! Wait and see where he will be in the next two years!

We love Bilal’s self-belief and modesty.


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