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Miss Bibi Fozia is a famous female politician. She has worked hard in his tenure and has earned a lot of respect and success.

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Education of Miss Fozia

Miss Bibi Fozia has done masters in Anthropology. She is a professional politician.

Marriage and Children of Bibi Fozia

Miss Bibi Fozia is a family person who likes to keep her family affairs private. She is living peaceful life with her family. She is a Muslim and follows Islamic teachings. She has earned success in both personal and professional life.

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Bibi Fozia’s Career in Politics

Miss Bibi Fozia is a successful female political figure. Currently, she is in the Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She is associated with the right wing of the party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaad (PTI) which is led by Imran khan. Imran khan is very famous sportsman and politician.  Miss Bibi Fozia has worked a lot for the welfare for the community. She has been serving in the party through the reserved seats for women. She is in the constituency of WR-10.  Bibi fozia is strong believer in democracy, equality, peace, justice, and choice of selecting government and accounting it.

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As of now Miss Bibi Fozia is member is several standing committees. She is the active member of standing committee No. 36 on relief, rehabilitation and settlement department. She is also the member of standing committee No. 31 on energy and power department. Furthermore, she is the member of standing committee No. 25 on establishment department. Also, she is member of standing committee No. 19 on food department. Lastly, she is the member of standing committee No. 8 on higher education, archives and libraries. Bibi fozia is dedicated to the affairs and problems of the people and community that she is representing.

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Contacting of Bibi Fozia


Permanent Contact: Mughlanda, Chitral.

Cell: 0346-9892911

Some pictures of Bibi Fozia

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