Best Women Swimming Costume Brands in Pakistan

Water sports & swimming for fitness are getting popular among women in Pakistan. Swimsuit for women should not only be comfortable but it should also suit your perfect body figure 😉

With the increasing boom of e-commerce, swimwear can also be shopped online from various websites. Following is the list of some of the oldest women swimming costume brands (a few are available in Pakistan as well):

  • Triumph (German swimming costume brand established in 1886)

triumph swimwear in pakistan

  • Mizuno (Japanese swimsuit brand established since 1906)

Mizuno swimming costume in pakistan

  • Catalina (US brand established in 1907)

Catalina swimwear shop pakistan

  • Jantzen (US swimwear brand established in 1910)

jantzen swimming costume in karachi

  • Speedo (Australian swimsuit brand established since 1914)

Speedo swimming costume brand in islamabad

  • Dolfin (The most famous US brand established in 1941)

Dolfin swimming costume for ladies

  • Diana Sport (Italian swimwear brand established in 1947)

Diana swimming costume price in pakistan

  • H&M (Swedish swimming costume brand established in 1947)

H&M swimsuit shop in karachi

  • ASICS (Japanese brand established in 1949)

ASICS swimwear shop in lahore

  • Head (US swimsuit brand established in 1940)

Head swimsuit online shopping

  • O’Neil (US brand established in 1952)

oneil swimwear pakistan

  • Watersun (Australian swimwear brand established in 1955)

Watersun swimwear pakistan

  • Gottex (Israeli brand established in 1956)

Gottex swimming accessories pakistan

  • Tori Richard (US swimming costume brand established in 1956)

Tori Richard

  • Kanvas by Katin (US brand established in 1959)

Kanvas by Katin

  • Ron Jon (US brand established in 1959)

Ron Jon

  • Quicksilver (Australian brand established in 1969)


  • La Perla (Italian brand established in 1971)

La Perla swimming costume shop

  • Vilebrequin (Italian swimming costumes, established in 1971)

Vilebrequin swimwear karachi

  • Ocean Pacific (US brand established in 1972)

Ocean pacific women swimming costumes in pakistan

There’re a lot more women swimwear brands & i’ll keep updating them!

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