Best Tips To Stay Focus in Your Daily Life And Keep Distraction Away

Concentration is extremely important and we all been continuously losing it. While talking, watching movie, studying and even just doing daily chores. Many take it a sign of being intelligent but the difference is that intellectual people find it hard to concentrate on one thing because they are distracted with ideas inside mind and is indecisive which one to work on first not because they are distracted with self-made scenario or worries like what to eat or sleep next.

So, what distracts you other than your own thoughts? According to a study from University of California San Diego (UCSD) keeping your phone beside you even with notifications off would still distract you. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and UT Austin asked 800 people to complete a series of mental task with three conditions each applied on different group of people. One: perform task with phone on desk, Second: phone in pockets, third: phone in another room.

The results showed the people who had their phone away from them did best because phone figure attracts us even when it is turned off/mute. We all are similar with minor delusion that our phone ranged but actually it doesn’t. These vibrations are called “phantom vibrations” and are pretty common.

A few minor acts can help us a lot. for starter lets just put that phone may be a mile away refrain yourself from thinking about social media notifications and do your most productive work first because with time our productivity decrease. When it’s absolutely hard to concentrate take a break (every 20 mint of work or so) keep yourself hydrated it elevates the mood. Since, many complain that they are unable to sleep right away after hitting bed. those must not use phone at least 45 mints before sleep (it works! tried and tested) because phone screen light rays affect our sleep signals to brain and such studies can easily be looked up. We cant obviously just stop using the technology but what we can do is stop the unhealthy effect of it on us and work.


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