Best Swimming Pools in Lahore

Lahore incorporates a five season semi parched atmosphere:

  1. Foggy Winter (15 Nov – 15 Feb) with couple of western unsettling influences bringing on rain
  2. Charming Spring (16 Feb – 15 April);
  3. Summer (15 April – June) with tidy rain tempests and warmth wave periods
  4. Stormy Rainstorm (July – 16 September)
  5. Dry Harvest Time (16 September –14 November)
The warm month is June, where normal highs routinely surpass 42 °C (104.0 °F). The wettest month is July, with overwhelming precipitation falls and night electrical storms with the likelihood of deluges. The coolest month is January with thick haze.

The city’s most elevated greatest temperature was 48.3 °C (118.9 °F) recorded on May 30, 1944.[1] And 48 °C (118 °F) was recorded on June 9, 2007. The least temperature recorded in Lahore is –1°C, recorded on 13 January 1967. The most astounding precipitation in the city recorded amid 24 hours is 221 millimeters (8.7 in), which happened on 13 August 2008.

Residents of Lahore in summer are used-to swimming in canal, to cash this leisure activity swimming pools were presented by various group of individuals for instance: Government divisions, fitness centers, instructive foundations and so on. A swimming pool, swimming shower, swimming pool, or paddling pool is a structure intended to hold water to empower swimming or other recreation exercises. Pools can be incorporated with the ground (in-ground pools) or worked over the ground (as an unattached development or as a major aspect of a building or other bigger structure), and are additionally a standard component on board sea liners and voyage ships. In-ground pools are most normally developed from materials, for example, solid, characteristic stone, metal, plastic or fiberglass, and can be of a custom size and shape or worked to an institutionalized size, the biggest of which is the Olympic-estimate swimming pool.

List of Swimming Pools in Lahore

  1. Model town Club swimming pool: Model Town Circular Rd, Lahore.
  2. Swimming pool of Punjab University.
  3. Sukh chain swimming pool: Gulberg-3, at the back of siddique trade centre.
  4. Wapda sports complex: Wapda sports complex, near wapda grid station, chungi amar sadhu, Lahore.
  5. Johar town sports complex: Near mian plaza, main johar town road, Lahore.
  6. DeSOM swimming pool: Near Girrja chowk, Cantt Lahore.
  7. OLYMPIC pool: 40-B1 Gulberg III, Off M.M Alam Road, Lahore.
  8. Structure Swimming pool: 39-A, Gulberg V, off zafar Ali Road, Lahore-Pakistan.

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