Best Places to Visit in Lahore

The city of Lahore, best known as the city of gardens is the best place to get amazing street food in the country and most importantly as a remnant of its rich Islamic and historic past. There are several hang out places in this culturally alive city that are great for a one day trip.

Amazing Architecture of Wazir Khan Mosque

There are a host of different mosques in Lahore, each with their unique and intriguing past; a good example would be of Badshahi masjid, the Wazir Khan mosque and the Data Darbar shrine near the Bhatti gate, which has added greatly to the mystic Sufi culture in Pakistan. Other relics from the gone by Mughal era include the marvels of architecture like Lahore fort, Sheesh mahal and the Dai Anga Tomb situated near the railway station. These along with the Lahore Museum are guaranteed to transport you back in time with the fortunes of royalty and the golden rule of the Mughal Empire. Besides this blast from the past, there are historical monuments like Minar e Pakistan and beautifully constructed Rana Resort to entice you to visit again!

Beautiful Jinnah Bagh, Lahore

Then come the very gardens that this city is famous for, starting with the Shalimar gardens which is situated in the walled city. This garden was made by Emperor Shah Jehan and has a persian feeling to it. The Bagh e Jinnah, formerly known as Lawrence gardens, now consists of the Qaid e azam library, the botanical gardens, along with sports and entertainment facilities is among the top places to visit in Lahore at night. Adding to the fact that Lahore is a very progressive city, with newer attractions to pool in tourists each year, the latest addition to the park family, Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is nothing like you’ve ever seen in Lahore. Based solely on memberships, this park has a huge number of fun-filled slides and attractions like horse riding and archery.  

Food street is among the top outing places in Lahore

Last but definitely not least the most important thing on the list is the Food Street situated at Old Lahore, near the Walled City. It is a place where people and families come together to enjoy and that’s what Lahoris do best. And that is eating good food! 

The street is always lined up with an incredible array of both desi and fast food with people from all age groups come here mostly on the weekends to let loose and enjoy pleasant evenings filled with food and a great ambiance.

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  1. Lahore is not only a city, but it is also an unforgettable experience and a long-lasting feeling. To see the true and beautiful colors of Pakistan, one has to visit Lahore.

    Art, culture, desi food and lively people define Lahore. Lahore is known for its Mughal architecture, beautiful gardens, and historic buildings. The vibrant culture and warm people make Lahore worth visiting. Also, Lahore has a very old and interesting history.

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