Best Places to Pay a Visit in Karachi

Being the capital of the Sindh province, it’s a very important city and backbone of our economy. It’s called the city of lights due its beautifully lit streets. If you’re ever visiting Karachi, there are some places you should definitely check out!

Mohatta Palace

Mohatta palace is one of most famous places in Karachi which depicts the culture and early history of Sindh. Mohatta Palace was constructed by a Hindu prince and is used today as an art gallery and museum. The Rajasthani-style design of this structure is a sight to behold. Mohatta Palace is a gem and definitely one of the best places to visit in Karachi.


The Mazar-e-Quaid is the prevalent landmark of Pakistan. The Mausoleum is a resting place for the country’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is spectacularly constructed at an elevation from the ground on a naturally formed plateau. The monument is beautifully constructed with fine-looking white marble stone and a dome nestled over a four-sided building structure. The entrances on each wall have Islam’s original architecture to symbolize the reason this country was created.

PAF Museum

The museum is home to many aircraft such as planes, jets, radars and weaponry that have been used by the Pakistan Air Force throughout the years, especially during the 1965 war with India. Nearby, there is World War 1 and 2 scale models and some modern planes on the display as well. If you’re interested in that time of history, you should visit it!

Clifton Beach

The Clifton Beach is also alternately known as Sea view which actually is a prominent and the busiest spot of the city. You will always see so many people at any time of the day and night. Clifton Beach holds the most critical value among all for giving fun seekers and beach lovers: excellent leisure and recreational opportunities.

Churna Island

It’s about two-hour drive away from central Karachi. It’s a small island in Arabian sea popular for scuba diving, free diving, underwater photography, speed sailing, camping, hiking, knee boarding, jet skiing, snorkeling and much more.

Port Grand

Port Grand is a recreational complex near the Karachi Port. It was opened in 2011 and it’s definitely a must place to visit in Karachi.The first striking feature of Port Grand is the spectacular architecture. Karachi Port on one side and beautiful restaurants lined on the other. Besides dining, there is a shopping complex and a recreational center, where kids can enjoy rides and some handicraft activities.

Ibn-e-Qasim Park

It is one of the most beautiful places located in the suburb of Clifton. It is known to be the largest urban park in the city with an eye-catching view of roses, turtle pond and murals of dinosaurs.

Frere Hall

Frere Hall is an ancient building that was made during the British Empire. Surrounded by lush green gardens, today, the building serves as a library and an art gallery. Designed by Henry Saint Clair Wilkins, Frere Hall is located in the Saddar district, which is also home to many other picturesque colonial architecture.


It has large domed roof, Tooba Mosque is one of the city’s major attraction. The white marble dome is 236 feet in diameter and is balanced on a low surrounding wall with no centre pillars to support it. It is also known as largest doomed shaped building in the world.

Hawke’s Bay Beach

Hawke’s Bay being a famous beach in Karachi is a most popular recreational spot for tourists. It has a sandy beach with clear blue water and is visited by hundreds of people every day for horse riding along beach side, swimming, fishing and for picnic.

National museum of Pakistan

This museum holds the most diverse range of art, from paintings to relics, sculptures and models that depict all the facets of Pakistani culture. This museum consists of 11 galleries that showcase artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization up to modern times. It also boasts a large collection of coins and many rare manuscripts of the Quran.

Chaukandi Tombs

If you are a history lover and love to visit historical places, Chaukhandi tombs are the best place for you to visit in Karachi. This ancient ancient graveyard and UNESCO World Heritage Site houses tombs of the ancestors of a local tribe. The intricate make of these graves is its most attention-grabbing feature with carvings and designs typical of its region, Sindh.



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