Best Places to Eat in Gujranwala

Gujranwala is a largely industrial hub in the province of Punjab with its own rich and diverse cultural history. Although it may be situated 80 kilometers away from food central, Lahore, when it comes to the food and local cuisine, Gujranwala is as Punjabi as it gets!

Here is a look at some of the best places to grab a bite here in the city which is as famous for its food as it is for its wrestlers!

  1. The number one food destination would definitely have to be none other than the famous Shahbaz Tikka. As its name proudly suggests, this restaurant has mastered the art of all things B.B.Q, with a wide range of dishes available like Chicken Tikka, to exquisite dishes like “Batair” and their renowned delicacy of “Chirra” which is essentially barbequed sparrow meat. The best quality about the place is highlighted in customer reviews, when they mention how mouth wateringly fresh the food is and has always been. Situated near the Grand Trunk Road, Shahbaz Tikka is perfect destination for the weary traveler to stop at and refuel.
  2. Next, the place for the best breakfast in Gujranwala, yes you guessed it, Ghani Paye! Paye have always been the staple diet for Punjabis when it comes to breakfast especially on the weekends, and this is what this eatery is famous for! Deliciously sticky and wholesome Paye that is sure to leave you wanting more. Ghani Paye is equally famous for its “Sirri” and Bong Paye as well that are a great way to start the day!
  3. Usmania is a trusted name and brand that is found all over Pakistan and the one located in Gujranwala is no different. Keeping up to the reputation that the establishment has gained over the years, Usmania not only brings customers yummy food, ranging from desi Karahis and Boneless Handis to the tastiest burgers around, it also provides it in an extremely sanitary and airy environment that can accommodate large number of groups as well.
  4. What most foodies don’t realize is that like Lahore, Gujranwala has its very own Food Street that hosts a wide array of local and international brands including KFC, Subway, Bundu Khan, Biryani Express and Salwa Family Restaurant to name a few. The idea of a food street is to get people to experience the joy of eating out with your family and friends, in a safe and welcoming environment and that is what Gujranwala Food Street embodies!

So next time you pass by the city full of hospitality and food, be sure to step into one of the above mentioned food destinations and let your taste buds do the talking!

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