Best Places and Time to Visit Pakistan North

There is just something about the Northern areas in Pakistan that call to the enthusiastic traveler, with scenic locations like mountain ranges and lakes that are considered some of the most beautiful in the world! However, it is important to also consider when is the best time to visit the true beauty of Pakistan and that is exactly what we aim to highlight in this article.

The most popular tourist destination in Pakistan’s northern area would have to be Naran Kaghan valley which has loads to offer! It pools in the most amount of tourists per year with estimates up to and more than 2 million tourists per year!  

The most famous attraction of the area is Lake Saif ul mulook which is the embodiment of serenity and peace. It is easily reached in about a half hour journey from Naran Bazaar provided you travel by jeep! The best time to visit Naran is during the summer months from May to September as the area sees a lot of rainfall and a weather forecast would be mandatory before planning a trip. Other exciting places to visit there include Niri top, shogran, Sharan, Siri Paye Meadows and Lalazar Meadows.

Breathtaking view of Baltit Fort, Hunza

The next destination in North that is not only well known for its hospitable people, but greatly admired for its beautiful, winding and picturesque roads. Hunza is one of the most beautiful places in the entire northern areas of Pakistan. It seems almost like a colorful dream a great painter had and is still untouched and untapped as it has been for decades. Situated just 100 kilometers away from the city of Gilgit, Hunza has loads to offer. From exquisite dried fruits to the rich local culture,Hunza has it all! There are many places to visit when in Hunza like Passu, Khunjerab top which is the International border between Pakistan and china, Naltar,Gojjal and even the Sost dry port.  Hunza also has the famous Baltit and Altit fort which are remnants of a long lost strong warrior history of the people. The best time to visit is from the end of April to September if one wishes to travel by flight and avoid turbulent weather.

Sawat Valley

Kalam in the valley of Swat is a must see northern area with its multitudes of rivers, mighty mountains, amazing culture and dreamy flowing waterfalls. Tourists can hike, camp, enjoy a nice trek, enage in boating in one of the many lakes and indulge in the riskier sport of mountain climbing. There are several breath taking attraction that Kalam has to offer including the Mataltan areas which host some of the biggest waterfalls in the entire country. A place where the summers are exceedingly pleasant and the weather remains chilly throughout, thisis the best place for a getaway from the harsh heat and toil of the city life. A historical masterpiece that mirrors the architecture and style of the Taj Mahal is also located there named the White palace, after the exquisite white marble it is made up of.  In terms of sports activities up higher north, people can do skiing in Malam Jabba.

Stunning Shangrilla Resort in Skardu

Last but not least another tourist destination not to be missed is the beautiful Skardu which is seriously not that far from the capital city. It is amazing to note that some of the highest peaks reside in none other than Skardu a great influx of enthusiastic climbers are seen each summer, which is the best time to try and conquer the great peaks of K2.  Besides the magnificent mountain ranges and peaks, Skardu offers to the tourists amazing and mesmerizing lakes like the Shangrila in the Kachura district which owes its fame to the Shangrila resort, other lakes include the exceedingly clear and blue Sadpara Lake. There is also a huge variety of forts in the area like the Shiger fort and the one up at Skardu city. A journey to the area isn’t complete without a trip to Deosai national Park which hosts a wide variety of local wildlife like the Himalayan Brown Bear and the Himalayan Ibex.

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