Best Place to Eat Desi Food in Lahore

The true essence of Lahore lies in its Desi food which is incomparable to any other city of Pakistan. This thusly prompts the way that Lahore has the best desi food eateries only if you are aware of the places offering desi food. Here is a list of desi food places in Lahore for those who want to fall in love with food.

  • The true essence of desi good in Lahore still lies in the old city, Lakshmi Chowk, Mazung and Abbott Road.
    Be it be Muhammadi Nihari from Bhatti gate, or Bashir Darul Mahi’s fish from Mazung you just cannot stop loving the taste and aroma of their food.
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  • When in mood to add a little seafood to the blend of desi style of cooking, make sure to go at the Jhinga Karhai at Aandaz behind the Badshahi Mosque. it is difficult to find good seafood in Lahore yet Andaaz has made it leasier with its flavorful Jhinga Karhai.
  • Situated at Lakshmi Chowk, Butt Karahi offers you the finest chicken, cooked directly infront you, which is a good news considering you’re not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt about other “chicken” karahis any longer.
  • Located alongside Gulistan Cinema, Nishat Takatak brings you the best maghaz and combination of perfect spices to revive your taste buds
Food Street, Lahore
  • Despite the fact that Lahoris cherish full fledge food, they can’t live without conventional snacks like chaat and gol gappay as well. For this reason, it is a must, making an outing out to Regal on Mall Road for some Dahi Bhallay.
    There is a small stand outside Lawrence Gardens that serves Novelty Gol Gappas with the tangiest and spiciest tamarind sauce available in Lahore.
  • Who doesn’t love ice cream? Kulfa is the Lahoris variant of ice cream. With those crunchy nuts giving it a tense surface to compliment the sheer sweetness of the kulfa itself. Therefore, to get the best kulfa Lahore brings to the table, head on down to main market and order some at Benazir Kulfa.

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