Best Place in Lahore to Open a Restaurant

Lahore is known for unlimited varieties of food. Food to Lahoris is what stars are to the sky and what a guitar is to a rock star. The residents of this city are known for being foodies and their only true love for food. Opening a restaurant or offering food is the best treat for Lahoris as they are famous for not only being real foodies but also known for bringing the revolution in the food culture of Pakistan. Whatever brands that want to open their franchise in Pakistan start off with Lahore as the people spend on food more than they spend on anything else, making it a huge food market.

Desi food is most famous from the Food Street, Bhaati gate and Lakshmi Chowk. So if one is looking forward to opening a desi restaurant these are the places that will attract majority of foodies. On the other hand the best place for cafes and coffee shops can be MM Alam road that offers a variety of cafes on a single road.

Lahore is one city where no matter what the number of restaurants is, it won’t be sufficient. People are always willing to try new places and enjoy their favorite food. With the location the more important factor is creating a beautiful ambiance and the perfect family environment where people are comfortable enough to dig in their favorite dishes. To start with, the best places could be MM alam road, mall road, or Food Street. Once the restaurant marks its name and is famous, the best places to open other branches or outlets can be Johar Town, Defence and Model town. As these are the places where the success of a restaurant is no less than a guarantee.

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