Best Local Restaurants in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Nafees Bakery & Restaurant

It is difficult to imagine a fast food restaurant being this popular, but that’s just what Nafees bakery & Restaurant is. It has an impressive rating on Facebook and has great reviews, so if you’re thinking of visiting, you should go ahead and read all those reviews going gaga over their service. A plus point is the free Wi-Fi available.

Located at MM road, the restaurant is among the most popular, both for its great fast food and awesome service.

Azad Mega Mart Restaurant, Mirpur AJK

While the place is originally a shopping mart, it has an accompanying restaurant so if you’re hungry while you’re shopping, just go ahead and get something to eat. Again, this restaurant seems to have a fervent following and frequent visitors, and is a must visit.

Kashmir Hilton Mirpur AJK

While the above two have a fairly open and casual atmosphere, Kashmir Hilton provides a more formal ambiance. For business dinners to get together for adults, Hilton seems like the perfect choice. The cuisine ranges from continental to desi, both delectable, and the restaurants comfortably accommodates large parties or private dinners for special occasions.

Dera Resturant

Pakistanis have a great stomach and love for food, but especially so for desi food. Dera restaurant has increasingly maintained its prominence for BBQ and desi cuisine, giving its customers, amazing taste in exchange for little money. Plus great atmosphere to go with those parathas and naan.

Amin Kebab House

Amin Kebab House may not be the only desi restaurant around, but it is certainly the most revered and popular place to Kashmiris to sit at the end of the day. The delectable kebabs, mouth-watering handis and crispy parathas are a few of their top notch specialties. They may sound small, but they certainly proved the opposite over the years.

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