Best Housing Societies in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Mirpur has increasingly modernized its city with the passage of time and continues to do so. With the need for more housing initiatives increasing day by day, new societies are blossoming every few years or so, and quickly sell out the plots. Some of the most recent ones are:

Valley Homes:

Valley homes has recently started building houses. A year or so back, many plots were sold out and allotted. The work on the society is ongoing, and is rumored to house within the community, a swimming pool & a single screen cinema house. For a small city like Mirpur, this will be a very new and welcome change to the very similarly constructed housing societies throughout Mirpur. The Valley Homes will borrow the best of ideas from popular societies all around Pakistan and strive to provide them within VH, enabling the best living standards possible.

Standard amenities like schools, small clinic, markets, fruit & vegetable shops, security, internet facilities, parks, wide roads, backup generators all are included within the VH prospectus. Some of the best landscape architects have been hired to design the society in a scenic and beautiful manner. Input from local people via surveys have also been conducted, and they have every intention of addressing all wishes that people express. Pictures of the society can be seen from society’s official Facebook page.

Bahria Town:

Bahria town in Mirpur, like in any other city, strives to provide the best possible living environment. The security is top notch, with cameras installed everywhere and an in house security team. The basic amenities are provided in a much more targeted form; the electricity doesn’t fall from the required amount hence no outages. There are small local businesses from food to other daily utilities within the premises, making it the most popular scheme and gaining more residents by the hour.

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