Best CSS Preparation Academies in Islamabad and Their Addresses

The civil service can be defined as an esteemed organization which was willingly derived from our colonial legacy. The Civil Service of Pakistan chooses mere 7% of candidates by merit, education, qualification and experience while the left over 92% are selected by a well established quota system. The civil service exams although are competitive, however it provide completely equal opportunities to both men and women keeping in mind their qualifications.  Here is a list of the best CSS preparation academies in the capital city, Islamabad.

List of CSS Preparation Academies in Islamabad

  1. International Commerce and Science Academy Islamabad: Situated in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, this institute has one concentrated aim; to ensure that first the applicants get the best quality CSS guidance and material and second that they are taught and trained to operate to the best of their abilities.
  2. National Officers Academy (NOA) – Islamabad: Its website says there are two main missions of this academy; first “to help students in achieving highest positions in competitive examinations such as CSS, PCS and PMS” and second “to sensitize students about the challenges currently confronting Pakistan and how to find out the solutions.”
  3. Elite CSS Academy – Islamabad: Located at House # 26, Street # 52, F-11 / 3, Islamabad this institute is doing everything it can to ensure that their highly skilled and competent staff and faculty imparts actual guidance required to ace the CSS exams through imparting real guidance to the candidates with carefully prepared lectures and thoroughly developed notes, with only the best and selected books in more than 30 subjects.
  4. Pace CSS Academy – Islamabad: According to this institute which is based at House # 49, Bella Road, G-10 / 1 Islamabad, only true professionals may achieve their set goals and targets and that is exactly what they help and guide CSS candidates with. They guarantee to help you to explore your hidden talents and stress on the fact that their students have a very high rate of CSS acceptance.

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