Best Arts Universities of Pakistan

National College of Arts

The oldest art university in Lahore Pakistan, founded in 1875, formally known as Mayo school of arts, it boosts a colonial red bricked building is amongst the most well known and recognized art university in the country. With a plethora of internationally recognized artists on the rooster of teaching faculty, it has year after year churned out painters, design artists, miniaturists, visual artists, architectures and now film makers and musicians as well.

Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

IVS has been around since 1989 and has an impressive resume of future art prodigies to its list. IVS offers 5 year degree program in architecture and 4 year program in interior design, fine arts and textile and communication design and is located in Karachi.

Karachi School of Art

Karachi School of Art more popularly known as KSA was founded back in 1964. Very famous for hand picking immensely talented students, it focuses of various fields of art including design, textile and media arts, offering 4-year degree and other diplomas in fine arts and communication design. IVSAA and KSA frequently end up being healthily competitive because of same region that they draw their talent from.

Beaconhouse National University

Even though BNU is the youngest of the lot, it has impressively turned out more than 150 students per year, which excessive talent and teeming energies out into the art world. Ranging in subjects from fine arts, design & architecture to film and mass communication, it throws a deep net out into the Pakistani culture and draws the best among the best of talent available. It also boosts of an international student exchange program, with many students spending some semesters abroad on the basis of their un-matchable academic record and extra curricular activities.

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