Being Bilingual & Multicultural Enhances Creativity

Shots of Awe

People, who were raised bilingual & multicultural, tended to have a more fluid kind of creativity going. And the reason is because they were familiar with multiple mind wares, multiple cultural reality tunnels. But on the other side, I learned English very young. I lived in the United States. My mother has an American family. I grew up a secular. There is that world view. There is that mind ware. And having to move between worlds allowed me to see just how ambiguous everything is and just how fluid everything is.

That makes you, I think, more open to connect the dots in a new way, more open to different world views, more open to the reality is tightly coupled to perception, and perception is tightly coupled to our cultural reality tunnel. Perception is essentially linguistic. The world is made of language. Reality is kind of written into being inside of these cultural mind ware environments in which we live.

So, in order to deal with violence, in order to practice tolerance, in order to fix the maladies of the world, we first need to realize just the fact that all of us are living in different universes, different cultural world views. And I think understanding that and leveraging that insight might allow us to find a way to connect more deeply with one another.

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