Beaconhouse and City School Registrations Suspended Over Additional Fees

Last month, the Sindh High Court restricted all private schools from raising their fees by more than five per cent and ordered them to accept dues as per the old fee structure. The court also raised concerns that the fee should not be increased unless given approval by the competent authority.

On Wednesday the Sindh Government suspended the Beaconhouse school system and city school registration over violation of court order regarding the fees hike of these élite private schools.The action was taken by the directorate of inspection/registration of private institutions, Sindh school education and literacy department, against 56 campuses of The City School and 65 branches of the Beaconhouse School System.

A notice has been sent to the two private schools that the registrations can be open if they comply with court order within seven days or else the branches of all schools will be sealed. Both schools have 7 days deadline to give back the additional fee/charges to their students.

Dirpis Secretary Rafia Javed had instructed all excess amount charged as fees should be returned/adjusted by surrendering the amount to the Supreme Court Registrar.

In identical letters the director general of private schools, Dr Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui, wrote:

“The inspection committee comprising officers of the directorate of inspection/registration of private institutions, Sindh, Karachi visited your school on 14-11-2018 …During the visit, the committee observed/found that you have failed to comply with the aforesaid orders passed by the High Court of Sindh and the Supreme Court of Pakistan in letter and spirit. You were even directed many times … to comply with the orders passed by the High Court of Sindh in petitions … as well as comply the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan …In view of above as per Clause-8 (cancellation or suspension of certificate of registration) of The Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulation & Control) Ordinance 2001, Amendment Act and Rules-2005, registration of all campuses … are hereby suspended till further orders.”

The two schools issued a joint statement on Wednesday evening, saying order by the directorate of inspection and literacy to suspend the registration “holds no legal value and is in violation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Sindh High Court’s orders, the Supreme Court in its Oct 1 order directed that any fee increase in excess of 5pc over the previous year’s fee schedule was to be deposited with the SC registrar within a period of three months”. The time period was to expire on Dec 31, which gives all private schools of Sindh over a month and a half for implementation.

“The management of Beaconhouse and City School can only therefore conclude that the said order was intended to malign their names and promote a negative sentiment amongst their parent bodies. Both institutions are law-abiding bodies and will be replying to the directorate as per their legal and constitutional right,”

The following private schools have received the notice to follow the court’s orders by the given deadline:

  1. Generation School – 15th November
  2. Nixor Clifton -16th November
  3. Happy Home -16th November
  4. Foundation School -19th November
  5. PECHS School -20th November
  6. Froebel School- 22nd November
  7. Links School Clifton -23rd November
  8. St. Gregory Gulshan-e-Iqbal -23rd November

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