Be Careful: 5 Signs You’re Being Catfished

Whether it’s lying about our address, or lying about our gender or age, most of us have done this online for a number of reasons. But many take this lying to a whole other level as they put up fake personalities and profiles to trick people for many personal reasons.

In this time and age online dating has become a really common thing, and with that so has the practice of making fabricated identities online. Its almost every other day that we come across similar stories that someone was kidnapped or harmed someone because of false relationships formed online. In this ordeal of tricking the person into believing a false persona, both the victim and the doer are at fault here, not just one person.

How to know you’re being catfished? There are several signs that you can look out for to make sure you’re not being catfished.

1. They won’t pick up a call.

I’ve been catfished before as well as many others, and it’s the biggest sign to tell you when they won’t answer a call or refuse to send a voice message or etc.

2. They aren’t too social.

These people usually don’t keep a lot of friends because it’s harder to keep up a lie when your circle is big so this is also another indicator that a person might be a catfish if they avoid talking to other people or only have a handful of contacts.

3. Their story doesn’t add up.

Catfishers are prone to make up a ridiculous, almost unbelievable story and then try to emotionally blackmail you with guilt when you refuse to believe it. But don’t fall for it, this is a double trap you need to avoid and not back down by fear of hurting their feelings or losing their trust. If that person held your bond together dear, they’d do something to keep you around, that something not being guilt tripping you or playing with your emotions.

4. Their photos are staged.

Usually anyone can tell the difference between a Google image, and a photo taken at home. Catfishers tend to use photos from common search engines or steal someone else’s photos and information to live as them. If their only photos are found online or staged, they might not be authentic. Try asking them for more pictures and if they refuse to give you them then it’s an obvious sign of catfishing.

5. They won’t agree to meet up.

This is where all of them fail the test. A catfish will never agree to meet up and will always come up with an excuse to delay the plan or just cancel it.

This is to say not all people who show these signs are catfishing, but honestly, you can never be too careful. Don’t harm yourself in trying to see the good in everyone you meet, because in the age we live in there is no such thing as being good just for the sake of it. So, if you’re meeting people online and choose to associate with them, be careful about it.

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