Bayaan wins “Pepsi Battle of the Bands” season 3

The two-month journey of Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3 finally came to an end this Sunday. With Xarb and Bayaan fighting for the winner’s title, the season’s grand finale presented many showcases, including performances by the four judges.

The episode began with Strings performing their 2006 hit Zinda. They hummed a diverse version of the song though, which as they said always brings out a different and high energy on stage.

Meesha Shafi performed an original titled Main. With the lights turned low and the lasting melody, it turned out to be a pleasurable watch.

In the meantime, Shahi Hasan, who served as a judge last year and a tutor this season, performed an amended rendition of Vital Signs’ Maula. And Fawad Khan stunned in a performance with 17 other musicians, singing Satrangi – a track he wrote back in 2008 and only performed for the first time on the BoB stage. Satrangi belonged to the world music variety, and was a combination with a note of togetherness and unanimity, as Fawad Khan said. It was an outstanding performance with a beautiful composition.

The episode also saw the two finalists take the stage one last time. Bayaan performed Nahein Milta, which was the first song they produced as a band when they started out, while Xarb did Kashmakash.

A mainly enlightening moment came when the bands were given the chance to ask the jury questions. While everyone mostly asked the judges about their beginnings, creative processes and sought advice. Bayaan asked the former Entity Paradigm (EP) front man whether he’d return to music, particularly rock music, full-time. Fawad Khan responded saying he generally only goes back to the studio to feel the nostalgia.

He said he might come up with a song or two every few years but would not come back to music entirely. However, Khan added that music is a case of never say never. He left the door open for future possibilities and said it might happen anytime he feels he could do rock music one more time.

Then came the big moment! The results were to be announced and the tension which had been building up for the last few weeks was calmed. While both Xarb and Bayaan gathered significant praise, there could only be one winner and it was Bayaan. The underdog band completed their confused journey with a huge surprise victory and engraved their names in the history books as the winners of season three.

Congratulations team Bayaan!


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