Bad Parenting: It Runs Deeper Than You Think

Parents, the people who literally bring you into this world, are generally thought of as the ideal perfect role models. The people who can do no wrong, who are always in the right. And no matter how much that may be true, there still exists the aspect of parenting that scars and ruins children’s lives for the time to come. ‘Bad parenting’ and overall foul behavior on a parent’s part is a thing not many realize, but it is still an important thing.

I don’t mean to devalue the parent figure or talk bad about them, yes I do too have parents, and yes I do respect and appreciate them but that’s not the point here. The point is that some parents either give too much or give too little in the prospect of raising their child and the disbalance is what continues to ruin the child’s mentality, personality, and their vision to life.

Not stopping a child when committing a bad act, or overprotecting them from the outside world, all acts made in the perception of being ‘in their favor’ are frankly, not most of the times.

Bad parenting consists of all those acts made in between too much and too little, and although we disregard it as not important enough, it certainly is.

Amongst the effects bad parenting has on a child’s life are:

  1. Spoiling a child with too much creates problems for them when they go to make relationships with people. A child that’s not been told no or been punished for doing wrong will face the inability to make long lasting or valid relationships.
  2. In a household with a lot of emotional or physical abuse children grow up with a lot of definite mental issues. This also occurs when a child suffers from neglect as a child. Such children may have difficulty in making friends and trusting people as they find it easier to push people away than to open up.
  3. Situations such as these also make way for disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, low self esteem and other problems to arise.
  4. A child who is never allowed to make decisions, and who is constantly criticized, belittled and who goes through abuse is likely to have low self esteem. It becomes worse when the child goes through sexual abuse as a child. Such forms of abuse are also known to make children more prone to violent behaviors. Children who are exposed to abuse and violence are likely to become violent people. They grow up believing that violence is the only way to solve issues.

Thing is, parenting is what literally makes the personality of the child, and if not make then it definitely impacts it the most.

We are all quick to make the remark ‘tumharay maa baap ne kuch nahi sikhaya?’ ‘ye tarbiat ki hai tumhari?’ but no one stops to notice how their own child is being raised.

These are only some of the issues this issue creates, and this isn’t to say that children’s behavior doesn’t have a part in this or to disrespect parents but to simply shine some light on this conceited approach we have to things. Not many parents realize how their behavior can drastically affect the lives of their children.

Children perceive and they observe, they know what’s going on, they just don’t understand it; their mind registers a feeling or emotion but is unable to bring it into effective understanding. While trying to make your child the best, don’t be the reason they never can be.


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