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Ayesha Sana was born on 19 November, 1972 in Karachi. She is 44 years of age. Ayesha got her schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Karachi. She then went to Kinnaird College, Lahore to study Law. She later went on to get an external law degree from the University of London.


Career of Ayesha Sana

Ayesha once hosted a show known as “Lines of Styles!”. She has starred in many drama serials from then on, some of which include Kanch Ke Par , Makan , Mere Pass Pass, Dhaani  and Yeh Raha Dil.  She is a bery famous and renowned TV personality and celebrity in Pakistan.

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Ayesha Sana’s Controversy and Fight

In 2015, a video surfaced in which Ayesha Sana was screaming at her camera crew the now famous lines “Bright karien issay”. The video went viral and the whole nationmade a mockery of it.  The video is a behind-the-scene moment from her show, Meena Bazaar, that was aired nine years ago. According to her, it was shot during the time she and her now ex-husband were undergoing serious matrimonial issues. She claimed he had ordered her crew to secretly make footages of her until something like this came up. The video brought her a lot of publicity, both good and bad. But Ayesha is a resilient woman andshe played along with everything.

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Family of Ayesha Sana

Ayesha Sana was quiet young when she got married to Tariq Khuwaja. The marriage did not work out and it ended in divorce. They both have a son. In 2012 she revealed that she was married to Yousaf Mirza Baig, the MD of PTV. They too had a son together but the marriage didn’t last and it ended with divorce. She is raising both her sons, Ahad Tariq Khuwaja from her first marriage and Mohammad Mustafa Mirza from her second marriage, independently.

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Contacting Ayesha Sana


Some Pictures of Ayesha Sana

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