Ayesha Omer Talks About Feminism

It isn’t possible for us to accept that Ayesha Omer is in her 30s and man does she seem to be so? I don’t think. She was a kid, she hit puberty, curved into an elegant looking adult and stopped aging ever since. People turn 20, it shows, they turn 30, it shows and it keeps going on but that’s not the case with Ayesha. Her Bulbulay act won people’s hearts and she manages to glow wherever she goes. She’s one of the few actresses whose style game is always on point. She newly gave an interview and talked about feminism as she is acknowledged for speaking up over significant issues.

On being asked what one misconception about feminism is, she said that people associate feminism to man-hating. She said she’s a feminist however she loves men plus she feels men and women deserve equal rights and equal opportunities. Being empowered means having have power over your life and dreams and that’s what she aspires for.

Ayesha has joined Angeline Malik’s Inkaar Karo movement and she thinks women ought to have value and impartiality. She said,

”For men: Respect and support women (sisters,mothers,wives,relatives,friends) just like you do with men. Treat them as equal human beings with equal rights. Stop hating, judging and labelling women. Stop calling them mad. And, stop using control over them. Don’t abuse them to show your power. Love them instead.”

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