Ayaz Amir’s Urdu Column آخری رسومات

The drama of Panama Papers case in ending. These are just the last scenes of this whole story. A lot of lies were told & the statements of characters are not even matching with each other. So, whatever is happening, had to happen! There’s not a lawyer so brilliant to make this case go away & that’s the reason the legal panel was changed thrice. The most interesting thing in the whole case is that the accused Sharif family is raising concerns over the methodology of investigation, not denying the corruption. They’re not denying the evidence but questioning the methods of obtaining them.

Read Ayaz Amir’s column, آخری رسومات (Last Rituals), in Urdu:

Ayaz Amir Urdu Column Akhiri Rasoomat

This Urdu column by Ayaz Amir was published in Dunya News on 20th July, 2017.

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