Awkward Scenarios Of Love Moments Never Seen In Movies

We all like movies, even though we have different preferences in the genres. Though we know movies are based on fiction and are not real, we all still think that love scenes in the movies are realistic. We think it is how things are but it’s not the case most of the times. In real life, romance can get really awkward at moments. Below are the awkward moments of love life which are never shown on the screen.

1. The before loving making scene
People have to use restroom before making love. Movies just show how a couple in so into each other that they just rush to the bedroom and make love.

2. Couples get really crazy in movies.

In movies actors show things heightened up. They have to sell the movie so they have to make it more appealing.

3. This isn’t the reality.
The intimate sounds a couple makes while mating in a movie are fake. The reality can be quite embarrassing for you.

4. In movies couples appreciate each other and are very passionate.
In real life, people are not always satisfied by the love making and wonder this thing never happens in movies.

5. After love making, they stay close together and sleep hugging each other.
People actually get bored and stick to their cellphones after they are done with the job.

6. There are dirty talks and stuff in movies.
People are not always that open or comfortable, especially girls. Men hardly dirty talk to their partner when making love.

7. Couples don’t want to spend time together after sex
Couples have to deal with the after chores of sex and they don’t want to face the awkward situation with their partner.

8. Couples enjoy each other’s company
This is not what always happens. The act of making love is different from enjoying someone’s company.

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