Asma Jahangir: Achievements, Early Life, Struggle, Family, Children, Daughters, Son, Sister, Husband, Father, Cause of Death and Funeral

Asma Jahangir was a senior and prominent human rights lawyer, social activist and a pro democracy activist of Pakistan. It won’t be wrong to say that she was an institution and a beacon of hope for Pakistanis who hope for a peaceful, progressive and secular Pakistan as she devoted her whole life for speaking up for the rights of underprivileged and always challenged the status quo. Though she was criticized by right wing organizations for some of her religious views and was also labelled a ‘Traitor’ and RAW agent for her pro Indian stance. For masses, Asma was a beacon of hope in the patriarchal Pakistani society who stood for women empowerment.

Asma Jahangir achievements

Age, Early Life and Education of Asma Jahangir

Asma Jahangir’s academics speaks for itself as she went to some of the country’s most prestigious institutions. Born in Lahore on the 27th of January 1952, Asma completed her schooling from the distinguished Convent of Jesus and Mary and later she went to Kinnaird College and did her Bachelor’s. After that Asma went on to did her LLB from Punjab University Lahore and in 1980 she joined Lahore High court and Supreme Court of Pakistan two years later.

asma jahangir old pic

asma jahangir old picture

asma jahangir arrest

Asma Jahangir’s Activism, Struggle and Achievements

Acclaimed by many as Pakistan’s Iron Lady, Asma’s Pro democracy struggle started in 1983 when the military dictatorship of Zia ul Haq was at its peak. After participating in the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy in the same year, Asma Jahangir was imprisoned by the then dictator but even that couldn’t silence her.

asma jahangir activism

Asma Jahangir was considered as the focal point of the successful 2007’s Lawyers Movement against another military dictator, Pervez Musharraf. Her whole life, Asma stressed on peace between India and Pakistan as she openly used to condemn nation’s military strategies on national and international forums.

asma jahangir age

Some Achievements of Asma Jahangir

Success wasn’t shy of Asma Jahangir at any stage of her life. After receiving the prestigious ‘Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders’ and ‘Ramon Magsaysay Award’ in 1995, she later received the 2010 Freedom Award from the International Rescue Committee. It is pertinent here to mention that Asma Jahangir was nominated for the highly acclaimed and prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Award.

asma jahangir children

Not just internationally but Nationally, Asma Jahangir was recognized for her efforts as she was bestowed with Hilal-e-Imtiaz and later Sitar-e-Imtiaz in 2010, the highest civilian award in Pakistan.

asma jahangir death

Asma’s Family

It’ll be right to say that Asma Jahangir had activism and politics in her roots as her father Malik Ghulam Jilani was also a politician and was also put in jail and house arrests by opposing military dictatorships as well as corrupt politicians. Her mother, a well educated woman was a successful entrepreneur as she started her own clothing business.

asma jahangir early life

She is survived by three children, two daughters and one son. One of her daughter Munizae Jahangir is a journalist while the other one Sulema Jahangir is also a successful lawyer. Her sister Hina Jilani is also a prominent Human Rights Activist and a lawyer.

asma jahangir funeral place

Asma Jahangir’s Cause of Death and Funeral

On the afternoon of 11th February 2018, news of her death started circulating in the media as the night prior to her death, she was admitted at Hameed Latif Hospital in Lahore after some chest pain. The cause of her death was a fatal heart attack. Her funeral will take place at Gaddafi Stadium on Tuesday. We will keep you updated if there is any change in the schedule of her funeral.

asma jahangir funeral

Numerous national and International personalities sent condolences messages on her death.

Some Pictures of Asma Jahangir

asma jahangir life

asma jahangir old

asma jahangir sister

asma jahangir struggle

asma jahangir with queen

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