Ask Yourself, Are You Driven By Love Or The Idea Of Being In Love?

Love is a universal emotion, and there’s no denying that everybody needs to be loved, period.

However what we most often do, is mistake the ‘feeling’ of being in love with actual love. We crave the feeling to the point where we no longer can see if we love the ‘person’ or not.

That feeling is what’s driving us and people are merely fill-ins to that emptiness. No wonder we end up unhappy. We don’t love the person, only the idea of them. We fail to realize the person as a whole individual, exactly like you yourself are, a real being with all parts combined, not just an emotion to get high on.

In the hurry to fill the void we choose the wrong people because we have not properly learned to survive without ‘that’ feeling of not being cared for, even if it means in toxic ways. We value timely importance over respect. No wonder we replace people in a heartbeat.

We should learn to crave people and not just the concept of ‘Being in Love’.

We should learn to crave people and not just the feeling of ‘Being in Love’. And we should learn to crave people and not some ideal concepts. That individual alone should be the driving force of what makes you euphoric. The feeling is not as important as ‘how that person makes you feel’ is.

We expect that the person we love will dedicate their whole life to us, which is unhealthy, because that means you don’t love the whole person but only the part that makes you feel loved. The part that fills your void. Understanding that there is more to people than just that, and falling in love with all aspects combined into this soul that you long for, is what should be the ultimate desire.

If you project your concepts onto people, it means it’s your own self, that you love. If we truly care for the person then replacement becomes hard, it means you truly loved the person and that person only with all your heart, soul and brain. And it means that not just any other random individual will give you ‘that’ feeling unless it’s only the feeling you craved, which sooner or later is bound to die. In that case you should ask yourself what is your truth? Don’t end up confusing the feeling of being someone with love. Learn to unsettle, it’s a different kind of freedom.

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