Asghar Abdullah’s Urdu Column About Javed Hashmi جاويد ھاشمی منظر پس منظر

This Urdu column by Asghar Abdullah was published on 14th July, 2017. At the very moment when Supreme Court of Pakistan is about to announce it’s final decision over Panama papers case, former PML-N & former PTI member, a senior politician, Javed Hashmi has presented this whole thing as a threat for democracy in Pakistan, conspired by an unknown power. This is a similar sort of a theory that government is presenting after the JIT report. Without naming names, Javed Hashmi is calling Imran Khan a worker-bee of these powerful institutions. Though, he has asked PM Nawaz Sharif to resign but the actual target were institutions of establishment & Imran Khan.

Read Asghar Abdulla’s column, جاويد ھاشمی منظر پس منظر, in Urdu:

Asghar Abdullah Urdu Column Javed Hashmi Manzar Pas Manzar

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