Artist Rashid Rana’s Work Auctioned For A Whopping Amount of 34.4 Million In London

Rashid Rana, who is considered one of the most important artists of his generation in South Asia, has had his work titled ‘Red Capet Series #1’ auctioned for the highest amount of Rs. 34.4 million amongst all the other Pakistani artists at a recent auction in London.

Previously his work titled ‘Red Carpet Series 1’ was sold for 623,000 USD at Sotheby’s New York. He also received the Asia Art Award by Asia Society and has notably contributed over the years to the field of art through his various contributions that have been globally displayed, which include stainless steel sculptures, paintings, photo mosaics like shown below and photo-sculptures.

He currently is the head of Fine Arts Department and one of the founding faculty members of the School of Visual Arts and Design, Beaconhouse National University.


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