Armeena Khan Asks 2 Questions from Pakistani Females

More power should be given to the women who are willing to stand against bullying & unethical criticism. Armeena Khan, the Pakistani TV & firm artist, stands up against cyber bullying.  In her latest Instagram post, she has put together a collage of abusive & insulting comments by her followers asking;

  • Why Pakistani female actresses are being bullied?
  • Why Pakistani females attack the actresses in such a vicious manner?
She says that she also have had bad days but still, she works hard to be there where she is. She welcomes the people of Pakistan to critique the work she has done in a polite way where there’s no question about her religious, moral or ethical beliefs. “No one should be allowed to question one’s freedom of choice”, she says in her Instagram post. Armeena asks her followers to think before pressing the send button (for messages full of hate-speech).

Are you with her? let us know in the comments below!

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