Are You Brave Enough To Visit These 5 No Go Places On Earth

In recent times with the help of modern transportation there should be no place on earth where you can’t go, but still there are many different places on earth where you are not allowed to go due to your own safety. Here are five most dangerous and forbidden places on earth go visit.

  • Snake Island Brazil

This island located 20 miles south of brazil is the home of mot venomous snakes in the world. 4.6 million sq feet of this island has more than 4000 vipers looking for food which are the most venomous snakes that if they bite human they would need immediate medical attention to treat the melting flesh.

  • The Sentinel Islands

This is the Island sitting in the bay of Bengal, but the habitants are the tribes known as sentinelies don’t like visitors, and they were seen throwing arrows on the low flying helicopters and they have been living there for 60000 years. Many hunters and fishermen tried to visit the island were killed by the tribal people.

  • Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a town in northern Ukraine but in 1986 whole town was evacuated due to an explosion in the nearby nuclear test reactor, since then radioactive rays still effect the visitors and you can’t stay therefore a longer period of time. its one of the most radioactive area in the world.

  • Heard Island

Heard Island is a remote chain of volcanic island in the southern part of indian ocean, where you can witness the extreme fury of mother nature where you have glaciers and active volcanos. it is located at the mid-point of Australia & South Africa in Indian Ocean. it takes 2 weeks in a cruise ship from australia.

  • Monkey Island

This Island is located off the coast of puerto rico, an american scientist released 4000 monkeys for experimental purposes but now all the monkeys present on the island have the viral strains of harpies.


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