Are We Low Key Racist? Here’s What ‘The Royal Wedding’ Taught Me

As people around the World gushed over the much hyped Royal Wedding, most Pakistanis aka desi keyboard warriors didn’t seem too keen to appreciate this historic moment. As you went through any comment section regarding the wedding, people behind the screens had nothing but negative uniformed things to say, Why?

Well simple, because the princess ain’t white. Like seriously folks, its freaking 2018 and people still, to this day, conform to the 18th century racist standards. Are we as a ‘Qoam’ still subtly racist? We are getting away with making fun of black people out in the open in some recent circulating memes and no one even seems to have a slightest bit of problem with it. No one even realizes how wrong colorism is, let alone condemn it.

Are we that unenlightened? Or did we allow ourselves to become that dumb, that the lines of basic morality are somehow blurred. And these kind of things are promoted in daily morning shows that appeal to the masses.

Same was the case with Meghan Markle, who happens to be half black. And obviously, people couldn’t digest the fact that this was an actual reality somewhere in the World, where colorism didn’t exist and people could fall in love outside of outdated customs. Hence it made a way for us as a society to be openly racist with memes like the above.

‘Look how genuinely happy they are’

Some people started comparing Meghan with Kate Middleton calling the latter ‘a real princess’. Just think about it for a moment, what does this tell us about ourselves, what idea does it represent. Are we letting  deep-rooted toxic ideas get the better of us? Where we can’t even distinguish an obvious wrong when there is one.

If the idea can, to this day exist, where we can make fun of color, then we are indeed, in need of serious help. God created all beings equal, then how can one race be privileged over the other?

The Britishers ruled over us and fooled us into believing white is privileged, so much so that, we can’t even appreciate our own brown color and run after nonsensical white beauty standards to this day, isn’t that just bizarre. Is it not time for us to rise above being caged to a medieval reasoning, that our white rulers made us a prisoner of, that we still regard ‘white’ to be above everything else, or are we still going to think it’s totally acceptable to make fun of color or an entire race for that matter.

Yes take that!


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