Are We a Nation of Puppets? Probably Sharif Family Thinks So!

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Captain (R) Mohammed Safdar as soon he landed at the Benazir Bhutto International. Warrants of Sharif family were issued after they had failed to appear before court. This whole ordeal has been effecting the whole nation as nothing else appears on T.V and that may change & shape our country towards the better life.

Today, Maryam Nawaz appeared in front of the NAB for their cases that were given to NAB by Supreme Court of Pakistan. The whole Pakistan has heard Maryam Nawaz saying, “We are presenting ourselves to court then how can we be arrested?”

If we look in the past, we will see that NAB had invited them to come forward and answer the questions. As a defendant or accused, one needs to follow what NAB says. At that time, the whole Nawaz family did not appear. They knew the warnings and most of all, as a political family who has the best lawyers in whole of Pakistan, they must have known the next process by NAB or even court if ONE fails to appear before it. This is not only common sense but a general practice all around the world that if a criminal or accused or defendant fails to appear before the court more than once, then warrants of his arrest can be issued by the court or investigation department.

This happens in every country which is normal. But our political parties consider us as their puppets. They think we will believe anything they may say. For all the parties who are entitled to our votes, they should know that we are not their puppets, we can see and believe instead hear it to believe it only.

I think it is time for us to let our voices out and tell the defendants in this case that WE KNOW THE LAW TOO. And we cannot be played like before and kept in dark so we would believe their words. And last thing,



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