Are Men Self Taught Or We Teach Them?

Recently, in the news there was a Pathan kid Ahmad that got a lot of popularity. He received attention when a video of him yelling ruthlessly at the teacher went viral. Ahmad wanted his bag back and the teacher wasn’t giving it to him. The school management recorded a second video at principal’s office and kid got famous to the extent that he was called on Nida Yasir’s show “Good Morning Pakistan” on ARY. The scene video was also separately posted on ARY’s Facebook Page.

Soon enough, this became a trend. what we mean by trend is that the video got shared extensively on social media without any sort of mechanism or check by the people on the internet. Though, what people could not figure was everything that was wrong with this video and the kid’s behavior altogether. First of all, it’s to be noted that the video where he got the fame from recorded him putting up an inappropriate finger gesture. It seems as if everyone just ignored it or condoned it even. Ethically, we do not talk/ yell/ argue while pointing our index fingers towards anyone, let alone our adults or teachers.

Secondly, while other kids were confused and scared of Ahmed, the host Nida Yasir used some desperate attempts to glamorize his anger. Nide didn’t get the anger as seen on the video but rather rude behavior from the kids when he bluntly insulted her  “chup hoja Bye ka bacha” on a live show.

The criticism did come but unfortunately the kid is already receiving invitation from channels to display his anger as the channels requires audience and the video did collect a lot of them.This one little mistake may further cost his teachers and parents their respect because he has learnt to raise his voice already.

Sociologically speaking, patriarchy in Pakistan has given birth to social issue of domestic violence and believe it or not but the cause of abusive personalities is always rooted in the home environment. It is innocent kids like Ahmed who grew up to be dominating as such behavior was not corrected at the early childhood.

The patriarchy is not a self taught behavior but mere observations of how the women around him were treated. A woman can not correct her husband or father behavior but she may and must work with better effort on her son, regardless of social stratification. A child that learns to dominate mother may continue to dominate female figures.

Each individual household makes up the society. If women do not learn from examples like these then we may continue to fight for equality with men


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