Are Human Beings Going To Land On Mars By 2024?

Entrepreneur, Elon Musk plans to land humans on Mars by 2024 by a giant rocket. At an International Astronautical Congress in Australia, he gave a presentation demonstrating his plan and a new edited version of his original scheme.

Musk, who is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors also outlined how the rocket will help people to travel on earth between places in less than an hour, moreover it can also help built an outpost on moon and create a lunar base.

He believed that the survival of the human species requires for us to have a multi-planet approach, he also tells about his desire to die on Mars. He plans to send a thousand space ships into space in a holding pattern around the orbit by using advanced technology and when Earth and Mars align, the ships would fire supersonic retrorockets that will help the ships land on Red Planet.

The first mission planned for 2024 will be aimed at finding water and constructing a propellent plant, required for round trip journeys between Earth and Mars.

However some scientists have criticized his idea quoting that creating life on Mars would be difficult even if we do reach there, also there are other ethical concerns such as contaminating another planet. And some believe that why don’t we put the energy into making our own planet habitable. However Musk doesn’t seem to back down and has already put his plan into action and taken the first steps of sending life to Mars.


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