Arbaaz Khan Wants No One to Misuse #MeToo movement

Arbaaz Khan, the Bollywood actor and brother of Salman Khan has appeared in support of the #Metoo movement. He said that no one has the right to harass anybody. However, he insisted that it’s also important to see that no one misused the power of this amazing movement.

The actor, on the other hand, said innocent people should not be framed. In a group interview, he said that no one has the right to harass anyone. He completely supports the #MeToo movement. Sexual harassment survivors should get a fair dealing but we also have to take care of the fact that no one misuses this movement. The kind of atmosphere right now is that people are taking decisions based on anyone’s accusations. We need to be sensible in these cases.

He spoke that the movement is “like a tsunami” and in view of the fact that it’s new, people are taking time to come to a climax regarding counteractive measures.

He believes that this movement is hitting the world like a tsunami, and that there needs to be constructive and rational ways by which we figure this complicated situation out.

The actor was speaking on the sidelines of his next film, Jack and Dil scheduled to release on November 2.


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