Apathy, Frustration, Ignorance: Why Does The Youth Not Vote?

What I want to talk about today is pretty clear in the title, although when you come to think of it its more than just the youth, no one educated or knowledgeable goes to vote these days, but that’s a topic for another day. Why does the youth run from the idea of voting, or being remotely involved in politics is something that’s of a higher concern.

The purpose here isn’t to debate over the significance of a mere voting stamp, or if the candidates are eligible at all, the purpose here is to ponder over this simple observance all of us have made or been a part of: why don’t young people vote?

On one hand, there’s the majority who don’t wish to be associated with anything political or ‘elderly’ for the sake of seeming older than they are, then there’s the ones split in half and don’t know what to do or are instructed to simply follow what their ancestors have been doing since the stone age, and then there’s those millennials who are just completely oblivious.

Young people do care about politics: they just dislike it.

There also come in many factors like being busy dealing with the mess the generations before them have left for them to stress over, cough. But generally it is observed that the youth isn’t just disinterested in politics, they don’t want anything to do with it. They dislike it. Obviously one is going to care about something that directly affects you and your way of living and honestly just coping with life, but disliking it is another case. The youth has no compassion to spare for these affairs and the only emotions left to feel are either frustration or sadness over the state of the nation they’re supposedly supposed to handle tomorrow.

The apathy, frustration and ignorance as they say, they’re all connected. All three are caused by all three, and even though politics doesn’t directly and immediately affect them, they sure do. About 75% of the vote ratio consists of the youth, that frankly doesn’t even vote.

Today, though, many are aware and many do get out to vote, and that’s a great difference from yesterday. But unfortunately that ‘many’ still isn’t enough to make a difference. The thing is, we don’t know who’s really right for the country in the long run, but not voting at all gives everyone the space and push to do every wrong thing to make the least worthy candidate win. It’s about time that this self-pity ‘what could my vote do?’ was turned around to realizing that every mountain is made of a million smaller dirt particles. Your vote means everything. You owe that to the country that birthed you. It’s not a right, it’s a duty, to choose a representative according to your intellect and knowledge (researched evidence based knowledge might I add).

Don’t waste your time thinking what could’ve happened, use your time right now to make that situation that could have happened to happening right now. You owe it to yourself to have a good governance, don’t do this to you, your country, anyone.

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