Anwar Maqsood Came Under Fire!

Anwar Maqsood's Humor and Apology

Anwar Maqsood one of the Pakistan well-known and legendary writer who is widely recognized for his humor recently faced criticism on his script where he interviews a Sindhi wadera named Ali Nawaz Chandio in a way to analyze the feudalism and Sindh governance.

link: Ak sindhi wadera ka interview. Ali Nawaz Chandio

As any social media debate there were critics and supporters. People belonging to Sindhi cast said to be deeply hurt by his racist act against sindhi by calling them corrupt.

Well, isnt Ali Gul Pir the same guy who released song “wadera ka beta” with lyrics like “nursery sy matric tak degree meri sab jali” ????
boy, are you aware how feudalism works?

After the hash tweets Anwar Maqsood Sahib did apologize claiming he himself is Sindhi and does not belong to any ethnic political party. He openly pointed that Moeen AKhtar played such role 11 times and was not criticized ever.

Over the time where boldness and freedom of expression has entered our country, the concept of self-respect has become weaker. Anybody and everybody gets offended easily and it is spread like wild-fire on social media. An individual with taste of humor is capable of understanding that such plays or script doesn’t define a whole sect/race but are based on wildly generalized aspects. A person should not insult ones own race with vulgar lyric/videos but pointing out an serious issue through humor is another thing it does not at all apply to all people belonging to race because there is always positive and negative in every group, race, culture, matter. This is how universe is suppose to have balance.

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