Ansar Abbasi’s Urdu Column وزیر اعظم کااستعفیٰ اور ایک شرط

This Urdu column by Ansar Abbasi was published in Jang News on 17th July, 2017. In the past, whenever the political situation became uncertain, the result was either the military rule or the democratic governments were forced to leave. After the JIT report, the political situation of Pakistan has become uncertain again and there might be some powers who are keenly observing everything that’s going on in the country. The opposition political parties also play a key role in empowering these non-democratic moves. PML-N itself is a result of such move by General Zia ul Haq.

Read Ansar Abbasi’s column, وزیر اعظم کااستعفیٰ اور ایک شرط in Urdu:

Ansar Abbasi Urdu Column Wazir E Azam Ka Istefa Aur Aik Shart

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