Anoushey Ashraf Wishes for a ‘Tolerant and Accepting’ Pakistan

The former VJ turned television host and actress Anoushey Ashraf poured her heart out about being a Muslim in a post on Friday. In an Instagram post, she shared her great efforts and the questions she is persistently asked by her fans and followers.

“Yes, my travels of late have taken me far and wide as I try and reflect, recover, learn, heal and grow into a better version of myself. I’m nowhere near where I intend to be, but a solid conversation on the prayer mat with Allah five times a day is one small step in the right direction,” said Anoushey on her post.

Moreover, she posted the questions we as Muslims must certainly not ask the other or any person for that matter.

  1. Are you Muslim? (When they see you in a skirt, or sleeveless)
  2. All that food on your posts, is it even halal, or you eat haram? Why? How come? You drink?
  3. So you quote Hadiths and sayings but look at the way you behave
  4. Are you Shia, Sunni or Wahabi?
  5. If you want to dress like this and dance like that at least don’t pretend to be a Muslim.

She momentarily answered every question and finished the post with a little Friday prayer for her fans and followers.

“JummahMubarak: Here’s a picture of me after saying a prayer for you, for me, for my family, for non-Muslims, for animals, for trees and most importantly, for a more tolerant, accepting and peaceful Pakistan. And my Allah was taking gentler steps towards me than ever before.”

Don’t you think that she’s right? For me, yes she’s absolutely right. We should stop poking our nose in other’s lives. We have no right to judge them in anyway. If you think she’s right or wrong, share your views in the comment section below!


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