Another Legend Gone And We Haven’t Learned Anything

The Hero of 94’s Hockey World Cup, achiever of 12 gold,12 silver and 8 bronzes, declared All Asian Stars Hockey Team member in 1996 and World Eleven Hockey team member (1994), got the title of World’s best goalkeeper declared by F.I.H. Flag carrier of the Pakistani Contingent in 1996 Atlanta (U.S.A) Olympics, Mansoor Ahmed went away to his last resting place today.

Another Legend Gone And We Haven't learned

He saved the historic goal from Italy’s side in penalty shots, getting the world cup to Pakistan. He was awarded with President’s award and Pride of performance. The deceased, was 49, he had pacemakers and stents implanted in his heart 4-5 years ago which made his heart weak. He was under the supervision of Pakistani doctors who had suggested a heart transplant. Mansoor was not confident for the surgery to be held in Pakistan and insisted to go to India for the required work to be done. He requested India to grant him Visa permit saying

“Somewhere, deep down, I am certain that feeling still remains on both sides. Inshallah, India will not disappoint when I seek your country’s help”, “We’ve sent them my reports and India is the better option given their low costs and high success rates”, “I am looking to India for help, but please remember, I’m not seeking any financial aid or asking for money. India has a robust and efficient Indian medical system and I’m only appealing for them to grant me the visa when the need arises”

Another Legend Gone And We Haven't learned Thing

He was granted with USD 100000 from Shahbaz Sharif and his all medical expenses were being borne by Shahid Afridi Foundation. An Indian Hospital offered him free of cost transplant. There is no update on whether he got his visa or not, or on why he did not go? It is a mourning moment for our country as a legend along with his wisdom has left this world. It is a great loss for Pakistan’s Hockey fans. His Funeral was scheduled at DHA Karachi. Rest in peace legend!


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