Another International Cricket Team to Visit Pakistan!

Since the discontinuation of international cricket in Pakistan in 2009 due to the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team injuring 6 Sri Lankan players, Pakistan has done everything in its power to demolish the strongholds of terrorists in Pakistan. The international cricket has finally been revived in Pakistan after a successful visit by the West Indies cricket team just recently and the hosting of the Pakistan Super League. A visit from a major nation, England will surely remove all doubts on hosting international matches in Pakistan.

pakistan vs england in karachi

According to sources, the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, extended the invitation to the High Commissioner of UK, informing him about the improved security condition of the country and the government’s tireless effort to completely eradicate the roots of terrorism and extremism in Pakistan. He has called for the English time to play a cricket series against in Pakistan. This is going to be the first visit by England for about 13 years since their last tour in 2005.

Another International Cricket Team to Visit Pakistan

Interior Minister has assured the High Commissioner that players will be provided top notch security during their stay in Pakistan. He hopes that he will not have to wait a long time to welcome the team from England. The major test-playing team currently ranks 3 in the ODI rankings. Playing a match series against England in at home will, no doubt, prove to be quite crucial for Pakistan. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal says that the safe hosting of international matches in city like Karachi which was once ruled by terrorists is a proof that we have defeated terrorism and extremism.

pakistan vs england in pakistan

If England accepts our invitation, it will not only be beneficial for our ODI rankings but also show the world that Pakistan is a terrorism-free country.


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