Anam Tanoli’s Suicide – Another Gem Lost to Trolling And Bullying

26 year old model and fashion designer Anam Tanoli was reportedly found hanging dead in her apartment in Lahore DHA on September 1st. Police said they broke the door into the room where they found her body. She had come back from Italy two months back from where she had done her fashion designing course. It is said that it is a suicide but the forensic report is yet to come.

A friend of Anam Tanoli says she was depressed due to online trolling and bullying for some time. Her mother in her statement for the police said that her daughter was a drug addict and that a night prior to this sad incident her mother had a fight over Anam’s drug usage. This incident is also being related to the importance of mental health.

It is a heart wrenching incident. An incident that highlights the constant pressure the celebrities are under. They every action is scrutinized and they are judged for every blink. Their personal life is up on display for everyone to talk. And so was Anam’s life, maybe trolling took her life.

We can’t imagine the state she had been where she found no way out but suicide. It makes me realize how important it is to hide behind a phone or a laptop and type all hose hateful comments without knowing how much hurt this is causing someone else.

Did you feel sad about Anam, if yes, do you want to change the things they are? For a start stop spreading hatred, in life and online, rather be that shoulder someone can cry on in sadness, be that person someone depressed will come to you in need. Maybe you will save the next Anam Tanoli’s life.

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