An Adorable example of Hospitality from people of Sindh is Melting Hearts

For years and years the nation Indo-Pak is known for its hospitality, generosity and sacrifices. This is the only nation whose people let the guests of a wedding to stay in their homes for months, cook three-time meals for them and generously provide them with everything they need. I mean we have separate bed-sheets and bed covers for the guests, separate dishes saved for the guest-time! Tourists from inter country and outside the country are welcomed to live in the homes of locals. Even now when the “Zamana” is known for its superficial behavior and double-dealing, Pakistanis are still proving to be the most hospital nation.

An event complementing this fact happened in the suburbs of Mehrabpur Sindh, Pakistan when Shalimar Express that was destined to Lahore all the way from Karachi was halted. There had been an accident ahead and the train had to be stopped unexpectedly. So, the driver applied brakes swiftly and the instantaneous application of brake drifted a few bogies from the railway track.

This accident showed its intensity after a little while when edibles and water supplies were shortened, the passengers were struck with extreme discomfort as their kids started to wail out of hunger, heat and distress of the unpleasant event. It was just a matter of few minutes when the news spread and the commoners of the villages nearby came with ration, ice cubes and cold-water places on their bikes and donkey carts! They made sure that the passenger’s agony was healed. They took great care of the people until the train left for its destination after full repair. This adorable example goes to show that the true core values such as hospitality, care and generosity of the people of Pakistan.


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