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Mr. Amjad Khan Afridi is a strong politician and advocate of democracy. He has gained respect in Kohat. He is been working for justice, equal rights of human, correct implementation of laws and orders and fair election system. He is trying to bring change in Pakistan through his efforts. Mr. Amjad Khan Afridi is also serving as a member of one standing committee.

Amjad Khan Afridi politician

Amjad Khan Afridi’s Age

Amjad ali was born on 17 December 1962. Kohat is his hometown. His father’s name is Shamim Afridi. He is professionally a politician and follows Islam. He was brought up in a pious family. Mr. Amjad Khan Afridi has strong moral and professional values.

Amjad Khan Afridi Career in Politics

Mr. Amjad Khan Afridi a strong advocate is currently working in KPK Assembly and is affiliated with right wing political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf which is more famous in young generation led by Sir Imran Khan. He is elected for General Seat. He is an advisor to minister in the cabinet. He also serves the constituency of PK-37 Kohat-I. Amjad Khan Afridi is also promoting democracy and capitalism.

He is working to bring change and make Pakistan a better place. He is trying hard to bring a good system of education as well as more health facilities. Currently, his main focus is Kohat. The politician is a focused and hardworking person. Since 19th June 2013 he is in the working department of Sports, cultural activities, archaeology youth affairs, tourism and museums. Moreover he is a committee member of Standing Committee No 29 on Housing Department/Provincial Housing Authority. He has devoted himself towards his work and community.

Contacting Amjad Khan Afridi



Permanent Contact: Azeem Bagh Babri Banda, P.O. Bilitang, Tehsil & District Kohat.

Cell: 0300-8150005/0345-8300005

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