Allama Iqbal’s 79th Death Anniversary Observed: Last Days of ‘Poet of The East’

Allama Iqbal’s health started following a descending road in late January, 1938. He was on homeopathy medication then. His physician was Hakim Muhammad Qureshi. He (Iqbal) had complaints of Arthritis and trivial asthma attacks. He would sit on his bed by putting his head in front of him on a pillow to pacify his condition. Iqbal had a serious asthma attack on February 24, 1938, allopathic medication started. He hated the allopathic medication as they caused drowsiness and nausea. He got a few days relief from the English medication.

On march 3rd again the situation got worse when he had a cardiac arrest and fainted. Doctors suggested that he had a weak heart due to enlargement plus the liver and kidneys have aborted. Iqbal had a few days left but the urge to be anxious all the time for philosophy, indopak situation and Europe never fainted, with a little recovery he started debating on these affairs. Hakim Qureshi was almost present all the time at his home sue to his state. Iqbal trusted him, his medications and his insight. Allopathic doctors included Dr. Muhammad Yusuf, Dr Ilahi Bakhsh, Dr. Jamiyat Singh.

Iqbal’s health got really worse from march 17, 1938. He compiled his last stanza (rubaee) in mid-April (17-18). He would condemn nationalism and discuss the declining moral situation of Muslims and cry like a baby. He would share his love with the beloved Prophet (صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ) while tears rolled down. When the doctor showed disappointment on his health he said “I am a Muslim and I do not fear death!”. The night of 20th was the worse. He had extreme back pain and drowsiness. His last stanza was:

سرود رفتہ باز آید کہ ناید؟
نسیمے از حجاز آید کہ ناید؟
سر آمد روز گار ایں فقیرے
دگر دانائے راز آید کہ ناید؟

The golden era of Islam will come back or not?
Sweet wind will blow from Madinah again or not ?
The last moments of this sufi dervish has arrived
Not sure another opener of the secrets will come or not?

On his last moments the doctors advised him to have an injection but he said that he wanted to “face” death by staying awake. He had his last sip of Eno fruit glass before he died. He said: “It feels as if someone has stabbed me right in the chest”. The very last word he uttered was “Allah” before his face turned in direction of qibla saying goodbye to us for an eternity!

نشان مرد حق دیگر چہ گویم
چو مرگ ید تبسم بر لب اوست

I give thee some signs ofor that muslim’s trace,
He welcomes his death with a smiling face !


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