All You Need to Know About World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April

The World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated each year on 2nd April. It calls for the NGOs, welfare workers and the United Nations to spread awareness about autism and the victims of this neurological disorder. Autism is one of the worst curses on the human mind and the sufferers require a lot of care, love and special treatment to make them feel acceptable in the society. The World Autism Awareness Day helps to make the victims’ lives easier by making people aware of the difficulties and problems the autistic people face and how to help them spend their lives happily.

Historical Background of World Autism Awareness Day

The UN General Assembly passed the bill for World Autism Awareness Day on 1 November, 2007. It was proposed by the delegation from Qatar, Her Highness Sheikha Mozah binte Naseer It was supported by all the member nations and passed and adopted immediately without a vote.

The first Autism Day was held on 2nd April, 2008. It spurred the people, the welfare organizations and the UN members to create initiatives to raise public awareness about autism and how to handle the victims. It was hosted all around the world by the members of the United Nations.

autism in kids

 Autism Awareness Campaigns and Marches

In Europe, the Autism-Europe, an international association, runs a campaign every year focusing not only on the awareness but also on a greater understanding of autism. In Washington DC, the people have a National Awareness March by the name of “Power of One March” and unifies the autism awareness community.

Autism march

As a result of this Awareness Day, many countries passed rights for people with autism and gave them special privileges and care. The parents are made aware of the symptoms of the disorder. Despite the fact that there is no treatment or cure for this disease, there are ways to make the autistic feel more welcome in the society. Also, early behavioral intervention, after timely diagnosis, can help to improve outcomes or lessen the intensity of the disorder.

Autism conference

About 67 million people suffer from autism. In this age, the World Autism Awareness Day is a must-have to raise public awareness for the necessary care of the people suffering with autism.


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