All You Need To Know About Our Favorite Summer Fruit Mango!

Summer is here in full swing, and with summer comes the variety of the amazing fruits mother nature has to offer. Watermelon, lychee, mangoes, you name it.

And speaking of mangoes, this sweet godsend not only makes all us go crazy for it with the irresistible flavors and kinds, it’s also packing a lot more health benefits than we think.

Mangoes are sweet, refreshing, and incredibly easy to consume and digest. Its nutritional properties vary depending on the type and the ripening stage, however all types of mango are characterized to have high water content and a lot of nutrients.

They are rich in vitamin B and folic acid. Unripe mangoes are mainly consumed in salads (for us also in achar yum) and contain vitamin C and a moderate quantity of pro-vitamin A. On the contrary, ripe mangoes are rich in pro-vitamin A and contain a moderate quantity of vitamin C.

The absorption of vitamin A helps prevent infectious diseases such as the following;

  • Skin disorders,
  • Mucosal disorders,
  • Bone/Hair/Eye conditions, and
  • Immune system related-diseases.

The high content in vitamin C helps absorb iron and produce red blood cells, as well as produce collagen, teeth and bones. These vitamins make mangoes a good anti-oxidant consisting of nutritional properties for people of all ages.

Mangoes also contribute to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, degenerative disorders and even cancer. The high content in iron is effective in treatments for anemia and other blood conditions. People on loss weight diets or with high blood pressure can consume mangoes because they are low in fat, sodium and calories. The high fibre content provides laxative properties (meaning it prevents constipation), reduces cholesterol levels in blood and helps control blood sugar appropriately!

Reading all that just makes it sweeter, doesn’t it? Enjoy this summer delight while it’s here because, sadly it’s seasonal jhalak isn’t here to stay.

Having said that this makes me want to eat some, why don’t you do too!


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