All You Need To Know About KIA Rio 2018 Launch In Pakistan

Every year, newer generations of cars are brought to the public as innovative technology and designs are introduced. From A/Cs to air bags to auto-driving, the car industry has developed surprisingly fast. The major domestic car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Suzuki have always ruled the automobile market of Pakistan. However, with the KIA Rio’s 2018 model reportedly being displayed in Pakistan, the situation is surely about to be changed.

All You Need To Know About Rio 2018 Launch In Pakistan

The sleek and elegant designed for the public with its much roomier interior has caused many speculations among car enthusiasts regarding its price and features. The displayed 1.4l variant, made in Korea was displayed. However, a more economic 1.0l variant has also been introduced with a rumored price of 1.4 million rupees. With its hi-tech interior, with a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen and the current projected price, it may pose a threat to the major three, Suzuki, Honda and Toyota.

All You Know About KIA Rio 2018 In Pakistan

With the production in Pakistan expected to start sometime next year, people fear that either the big three will not let it come to the market at such a price or they will have to remove some of its various features.

It has three variants, S, EX and LS. They include many safety features like, Parking Distance Warning-Reverse, Antilock braking system, 6 airbags and a supervision cluster. It also includes a Forward Collision Warning System and Autonomous Emergency Brakes which come into action if a fatal collision is probable. The new KIA Rio also has many luxury features like Auto-Cruise control, manual A/C,  Full-Auto Temperature Control, full folding seats in 2nd rows, Sunroof, telescope, Tilt-steering, ECM rear view mirror, front and rear door bottle holders, centre console armrests and back-seat USB chargers.

All You Need To Know About KIA Rio 2018 In Pakistan

It is expected to give a tough time to vehicles like Suzuki Swift, Cultus and Ciaz. With its innovative features, it could also give Toyota and Honda flagship vehicles, City and Corolla, a run for their money. With hopes that this car could be a major game changer, people are worrying over the disclaimer: “Specifications may vary according to region.”


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